Enterprise Clients
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“Ultimate network freedom” – what does this mean?

The telecommunications industry has seen massive change since the onset of deregulation over 20 years ago. More recently we have seen:

  • Regionalisation of carriers and retrenching to core markets
  • Major consolidation with significant M&A activity
  • Rapid technology development; movement to all IP, broadband, VoIP, convergence, etc.

Events over this period have shown that it is economically unviable for a carrier to own all the telecommunications assets required to satisfy the network requirements of large and geographically diverse enterprises. The implication of this for end-user customers, who have large domestic and international operations, is that they now have to use multiple carriers to provide the reach, choice and density to meet their network requirements.

The Virtual Network Operator model, pioneered by Boston Group, incorporates the objectivity required to provide the network solution which most closely fits each clients’ requirements. As an asset-light operator, which does not own telecoms assets or have preferred partners, Boston Group has the freedom to source infrastructure from the most suitable telecommunications Asset Based Carriers (ABCs) on a global basis to provide enterprise clients with cost-effective, optimized and fully managed network solutions. 

Through the VNO solution:

  • Use a single partner that can reach all 200 countries and territories in the world
  • Rapidly access all new technologies through an objective partner
  • Adjust and modify the technological solution cost effectively, according to changing business requirements
  • Access cost savings from falling bandwidth prices throughout the contract
  • Benefit from award winning service levels from a company that, without a physical network to take care of, can focus its attention on its customers