IT Outsourcers
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“Ultimate network freedom” – a solution and partner that fits perfectly with you and your clients’ requirements

The majority of IT Outsourcers, Integrators and Service Providers do not believe in building and owning their own networks, but still need to incorporate a network solution as part of a wider IT solution. 

The Boston Group VNO solution is a ready-made option which enables these service providers to offer flexible global network solutions to their clients supported by Boston Group’s award winning service levels. IT Service Providers are already benefiting from Boston Group’s network freedom. 

The Outsourcer/Integrator VNO solution is:

  • A competitively priced solution, from day one, and over the longer term
  • A transparent solution – which is consistent with the service providers’ overall approach to the customer relationship
  • Contracting with a non-competitive partner – Boston Group is a Wide Area Network (WAN) specialist and is not a competitive threat for the services outside of the WAN
  • The most innovative model in the network industry – which is consistent with the philosophy of an IT Service Provider, who wants to deliver innovative solutions to their clients