About Company

Collaboration at its finest to paralleled your work with us

Boston Capital Consulting and Boston Consulting Company make The Boston CCI Group and its a consulting, technology and innovation firm. We define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, communities and individuals worldwide.Whether keeping you apprised of project progress, or sharing the results of our latest programme management session, we are dedicated to working with you transparently as a basis for efficient collaboration. We live it. We breathe it. We actually do it.

As an extension of your team, we want to work with you synchronously and asynchronously. We begin our projects with a synchronous creative and productive thinking session where we diverge to explore creative options from multiple team members and then converge methodically to create ideas that have value through our collaborative process.

We also utilize our Boston interactive online workspace as a home base for asynchronous collaboration. Here, we can log late night inspirations, display creative sketches, create detailed research pages, manage background documents and deliverables, integrate with project management, and hold discussions on every page for ideas, comments, and feedback.

Our Team

Creative, Technical, and Business Acumen in one team

We have a diverse acumen to understand your dynamic and diversified problems or opportunities and the actual skills to help you drive business results. At Boston, you are buying a team, even if itís a small project one member is primarily executing on. Heroes rarely stand alone, and we believe our diverse opinions add for winning combinations.

Each member of the Boston group team is adaptable, dynamic at the strategy level to help one understand integrated recommendations, but also capable of drawing upon professional expertise when it comes to executing and delivering results.

Whether working with our creative team on offshore financial project, programme management or marketing plan, our technical team on development projects, or letting Boston Consulting help you discover the talent youíre missing, you will see that our breadth allows us to navigate a complex digital landscape so your company can skillfully perform on multiple platforms and channels.

We operate globally from our principal offices in the Americas, Europe, the Nordics, the Gulf and Asia Pacific. So wherever the challenge is, we have a team nearby.

Management Philosophy

Our joint personality is an expression of a family composed of individuals. The actions and feelings of every individual affect our family as a whole. If a stone is thrown into a pond, it produces waves throughout the whole pond. Each wave has an effect in every part of the pond. Similarly the waves of individual life produce an influence in all parts of our family. Although each individual has his or her own sphere of activity and responsibility, we are all part of a broader, more universal organism. A body is composed of many cells. When every cell is functioning smoothly, it has a powerful and harmonious influence on the whole body. But any defect, lack of energy or dullness in even one cell can bring about a corresponding effect in the life of the whole organism. In the same way the universe reacts to individual actions and feelings.

Through every thought, word and deed we are constantly influencing our environment. The quality of that influence depends on the quality of the individual with whom it originates and his or her level of consciousness. This show how dependent, and how powerful, is the life of each individual.

We have a purpose of life. This purpose if a source of immense joy. It is carrying us into the future. We are honoured with the task of creating the future in our daily activities.