Boston Capital Consulting

Today’s volatile business climate presents an unprecedented challenge – and opportunity – for finance functions to shape the direction of the organisation.

Finance needs to position itself as the strategic partner of the business – unlocking the value from the vast amounts of data now available and using advanced analysis to extract insights that support executive decision-making.

Bringing deep and extensive industry experience, our experts work directly with the office of the CFO to transform or turnaround your finance organisation: identifying improvements, deriving value and developing the outstanding financial results you need to optimise business performance.

Boston Capital Consulting is an International consulting company focussing on research and technical advice in the finance and wealth arena. Our goal is to ensure that client projects are successful; period.

Boston Capital Consulting operates through a number of Onshore/Offshore companies.

Currently Boston Capital Consulting is having its following interests for its Financial Products.

·         Asset Management

·         Hedge Fund Management

·         Collective Investment Funds

·         Private Equity

·         Investments

·         Insurance

·         Islamic Investment & Finance

·         Debt Management

·         Claim Management

·         Securities Brokerage

·         Consumer Credit Bureau

·         Mobile Banking

·         Micro Finance

·         Merchant Services

·         Virtual Currency

·         Virtual Banking